Welcome Volunteers!!


We are the volunteers of the Sacramento Music Festival and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Welcome to our site!  Your connection to information, schedules, updates, and each other!

Make sure to review the Posts to your left.  Especially those posts for “All Volunteers” and for managers, the posts addressed for “All Managers”

If you’re interested in Joining us, and would like to volunteer, please click on the Volunteer Request Form link in the top menu bar. If you are already a volunteer, each volunteer team has their own connection page (look for it in the right side menu bar).  Keep in mind, the individual team page may have information the team manager wants to keep exclusive to their team like, shift schedules, and contact info, so your team page may be password protected.  Contact your team manager for the password to your team page.

Many of the information posts may have the ability for you to leave comments, so please, if that is the case and your comment, suggestion, or question may be pertinent to others on the team, please use it.

Also in the top menu bar is your link to current news and updates for all our volunteers so please go to the “News and Updates!!” link in the top menu bar, and bookmark it. Information will be updated here often and on a regular basis so stop by often!

Volunteer Opportunities The Festival’s more than 2000 volunteers answer phones, build stages, set up chairs, sell tickets, account for money, control parking, do marketing and advertising, arrange for food and beverage sales, tend bars, provide sound, operate a warehouse, tend instrument storage, paint signs and backdrops, and a myriad of other tasks. But mainly, they have a lot of fun! Help is needed year round, but especially in the months leading up to the Festival – during the Festival – and the weeks after the Festival. Please fill out the Volunteer Request Form and mail it in if you can be of help. Thanks! We appreciate your support.

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  1. The Shaklee web site stjs.myshaklee.com is open and waiting for volunteers and friends/relatives/bands etc to support the continuation of the Music Festival every year. 35% of every purchase is going to STJS. Every month. Yes, every month automatically. Help the Festival continue. Shift your purchases from Raley’s/WinCo/Wal-Mart to the delivery to your home/office door. stjs.myshaklee.com is ready to help you out!

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