Shaklee Sponsor Page: Buy Shaklee Products and Support STJS

We now have a full time Sponsor with Shaklee.  35% of all money spent on our own STJS Shaklee portal, goes to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society!  Click below on the Shaklee header and you will be taken to our own STJS portal page, see what Shaklee has to offer.

Below you will find the contact information to our local representatives who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Watch for product information and special product announcements


Shaklee provides the best nutrition in every area that matters. From vitamin and mineral supplements, cognitive, joint and heart health*, and weight-loss products, to skin care, healthy hair, and green and non-toxic household products, Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family.

Product specialists:
Steven & Becky Harper:
Phone: 916-233-9697


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