BigDog – Big Day of Giving


On May 3rd, We need everyone to support STJS, and other worthy and worthwhile non-profit organizations in the Sacramento area.  BIG Day of Giving is an online networking and giving event that provides nonprofit organizations the opportunity to gain exposure and start relationships with new donors, and for the people in the Sacramento region to come together to raise as much money as possible for participating organizations within a 24-hour period.

Last year, which was only the 2nd annual BIG Day of Giving held, there was a goal of reaching $5 million in just 24 hours, nonprofit staff members, board members, donors, volunteers, and friends worked tirelessly to expand philanthropy in the region.

Giving began immediately at midnight, with people all over the region, state, nation, and world supporting the local nonprofit sector.  The leaderboard reached the $5 million dollar goal, with an hour and a half remaining in the day. BIG Day of Giving 2015 ended at 11:59 p.m. with $5.6 million in total donations.  STJS received $8,000 in donations from this event Last year.  This year, we want to double that.  We need everyone to push. Tell your family and friends.

This is only a 24hr event, so let’s make it count! 
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