Shaklee is new-check us out at 35% on sales to STJS!

HURRAY! Help The Music Festival every day of the Year!  Yes, every time you purchase from STJS.MYSHAKLEE.COM you donate 35% of the cost of the products to STJS.  What a great deal!  Save the environment with our biodegradable and EFFECTIVE cleaners, improve your personal health with our world class nutrients and stop the wrinkles in your skin for an additional 20 years!


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We are LIVE with creative and fun stocking stuffer ideas! These inexpensive and smaller gifts are great for teachers, neighbors, and anyone who you'd like to show some appreciation.

Posted by Shaklee Corporation on Monday, December 5, 2016


Great 100% customer satisfaction ALL natural health products for the entire family including skin care and laundry/household cleaners that do NOT pollute and Really do work! Buy your typical grocery store type products here and STJS gets a whopping 35% on every dollar!

Greetings Music Lovers!!

The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society has taken on a new Sponsor.  Along with Amazon Smile, we have another web based fund raising Partner – Shaklee.  Shaklee is a distributor of natural nutritional supplements, household, beauty, and weight management products, and they are environmentally and chemically safe and natural based.  NEVER tested on animals.

Shaklee has been in business for 60 years, and is highly respected by product users for their high quality products and through this partnership, which includes a web site dedicated to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society.  Any purchases made through that website site will yield to STJS, a 35% return to our society.  YES, for every $100 spent through that site, STJS will get $35.  That is Awesome.  So for those who are familiar with Shaklee products and know their quality standards, you can now purchase those products and give to STJS at the same time.  For those who are not familiar with Shaklee products, please go to our Shaklee Portal and do your own research.

You can now purchase quality, nature safe, household cleaning and care products, supplements, health and beauty products, water conditioning products, and the list goes on and support STJS at the same time.

On our Volunteer web site at there is a page dedicated to our Shaklee portal, “Shaklee Sponsor Page” and you can go to our Shaklee portal page directly at  I will list their contact information again below, but we have sponsor representatives who can answer any of your product questions, Steve and Becky Harper.  They can be reached by phone at 916-233-9697, or by email at –

Help your family, and our family – Support STJS and the programs we support; The Youth foundation, the Youth festival, the Sacramento Music Festival, Jazz Sundays, and many other exciting events planned over the next year.  You can SAVE money on cleaning products, help protect the environment, and help the society.

Unlike  grocery store “scrip”, programs where you get 2 to 4 % on the dollar spent,  here:  ( gives the organization 35%.  Wow what a difference!  AND Shaklee delivers to your door step saving time at the stores!

Tell your relatives/neighbors and friends ANYWHERE in America and they too can benefit STJS!  Watch the STJS site for monthly specials!  Like shipping rebates and price discounts!

Steve has used the products for 36 years and WILL answer or seek the answer, for any and all questions you can come up with!  Your STJS reps for this ongoing permanent fundraiser with Shaklee Corp are again:

Steve/Becky Harper   916-233-9697

Thank You,

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