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Your interactive help area for all questions related to using the Database web tool


If you are having some difficulty, or have a question about how to accomplish something on the database, use the comment below and ask, and we will answer.

Think of this as a community help section as well.  You may have a question about something someone else may have already tackled, and they can help as well.

Remember, if you could use some help with something or have a question, there is probably someone else who could use some help with the same issue.



Keith & Lyle

4 thoughts on “Online Help with using the Database

  1. Trying to access the beverage ticket sales volunteer info page using tickets2016 on the website on my smartphone 5 times. Doesn’t accept that password. Has it been changed? Is there a particular reason for a password for accessing the volunteer info?

    • Make sure you are using the password at the “Bar Beverage Ticket Sales” team page, near the bottom on the right side column under “Volunteer Team pages”. You don’t have to login to the Volunteer web site, that is for team Page managers only. The reason we have a password required for our team page is because, these pages are open to everyone in the world to see, if they are not password protected and as we start posting work schedules, and possibly contact info, and specific information about money we will be handling, we don’t need people having access to that information if they don’t have a reason to.

      Thanks for asking though,
      I’m sure you are not the only one pondering that question


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