Stage Lighting

Welcome to the Stage Lighting Volunteer’s Page

Your manager – Charlie Cosens
Can be reached at: (916) 769-8637

Wednesday May 20 – Freeway Gardens, River Front Refuge

We will meet at the warehouse at 10am to pickup our truck. From there we will go to STL to load up equipment, then head to Old Sacramento.

Thursday May 21st – Old Sacramento, Stage Equipment For Friday

We will meet at the warehouse at 10am. If there is anything to do in Old Sac we will head there. Otherwise we will head to STL to load up and prepare equipment for the Friday push

Friday May 22nd – Everything Else………..

Meet at warehouse at 8am. We will start at Firehouse Courtyard. From there we will load up the hotels and send a crew out to start those. Courtyard has to be complete by 10am. The Hotels need to be

One thought on “Stage Lighting

  1. Hi Charlie,
    Ok, I’m all signed up and will be there Friday for sure and Possibly Thursday if I can rearrange some conflicts.


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